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1.  Is Eucalan safe to use on lingerie?

Yes, Eucalan is safe for lingerie.

2.  Is it safe for my children to use?

Yes, it is safe and non-toxic. However, a child should not be using this product without adult supervision.

3.  Is Eucalan safe for HE machines?

Eucalan is safe for HE machines.   Eucalan is low sudsing and has been since we introduced it to the North American market over 21 years ago. When we run our next set of bottle labels, the HE logo will be added.

4.  Is it safe to use Eucalan on pets?

Eucalan is fantastic for bathing dogs and other animals. Fleas do not like Eucalan!

5.  Will it harm my skin?

Eucalan will not harm the skin (unless the user is highly allergic to eucalyptus, lavender, grapefruit or lanolin). We've had reports of people having softer hands after doing hand-laundry with Eucalan.

6.  What is the shelf-life of the Eucalan products?

Eucalan has a shelf life of at least 5 years depending upon how it is stored.

7.  How can I avoid having the colours run?

IMPORTANT - Check that the colours are colourfast and then follow the general washing instructions. Then dry on rack or hang to allow air circulation to avoid wicking.

8.  How to tell if something is colourfast?

Moisten a clean, white cloth (100% cotton or other natural fibre). Press firmly on coloured area in an inconspicuous place. If colour is not "fast" it will transfer to cloth, so wash at own risk or have dry cleaned. Dark colours are prone to bleed into light colours such as black, navy, dark green, burgundy, and red.

9.  Why does Eucalan recommend no rinsing?

Convenience, saves time and water. Eucalan is low-sudsing. With wool less handling while wet helps avoid matting and shrinking. No rinsing insures some eucalyptus or lavender (to inhibit moths) will stay in the fabric.

10.  What will happen if I do rinse?

For wool - Rinsing is okay if done carefully but we suggest you add a few drops of Eucalan to the rinse water to achieve the benefit of the essential oil and the lanolin. All other fabrics may be rinsed; rinse until the water runs clear. Eucalan is a low-sudsing agent and requires less rinsing.

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