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Quick & Easy Scarf

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Not long ago I was chatting with a customer who was ordering sweater knit fabric. She wanted extra to make a scarf and this got me thinking.

You see, I love the new sweater knits and have already sewn two Tees using Burda 6611. It is simple, fast, loose-fitting and comfortable. The openness of the scoop neckline is flattering but when it gets chilly, I like the idea of having a cowl neck. However, if you get hot flashes, a cowl neck can be too much.

The perfect solution is a matching or coordinating scarf in sweater knit! You can wear it long for a little extra warmth. Or wear it doubled so it looks like a cowl and keeps the cold out. Or take it right off if you are too warm--something you can't do with a cowl neck.

Sweater Knit

To make the scarf you will need anywhere from 61 cm / 24" to .5 metres / 20" of sweater knit fabric. I used .5 metres for extra volume. The scarf fabric shown here is the same print as the Tee fabric but in a different colourway. But using the same fabric is also an option.

Here are the steps:

  1. Cut a length of sweater knit measuring anywhere from 61 cm to .5 metres. You will now have a rectangle of fabric the width of your fabric (about 152 cm / 60" by the length you cut).
  2. If the selvedges are really curly, press them flat or trim them off.
  3. With right sides facing stitch or serge the long sides together with 1/2" seam allowance to form a long tube.
  4. Reach inside the tube and grab the other short end. Pull the short ends together so that the tube is half way turned and the selvedges meet right sides together.
  5. Twist the inside circle opening exactly one-half turn.
  6. Stitch or serge the selvedges together leaving a 2" opening for turning.
  7. Reach inside the 2" opening and pull the scarf right side out.
  8. Hand stitch the 2" opening closed and you are done!