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Organize, Preserve and Protect Your Jalie Patterns

Posted by Catherine on

ORGANIZE - Your Jalie Patterns

Jalie patterns are not your standard size patterns. Well truthfully, all patterns seems to come in a variety of sizes, but Jalie are the largest I've encountered at 9-3/4" x 12-3/4". So they won't fit in those pretty pattern storage boxes you see at your local sewing store.

But, they fit nicely into the very reasonably priced magazine files that are available from Ikea (pictured left). Although Ikea gives a depth of 9", the Jalie patterns fit without bending. The next step is to organize the patterns by either number or style and put a label on the outside of the magazine file.

PRESERVE - Your Jalie Patterns

Jalie patterns come printed on bond paper with pattern layout, instructions and multiple sizes on the same sheet. This makes it sturdy, but I found that by cutting it up, the pattern became unmanageable. Not to mention the instructions were now in pieces and it will be near impossible if not very difficult to cut other sizes.

The better way is to trace off the size you wish to make using tracing paper. And the best paper I have found is medical exam table paper (not the crepe kind) that comes in rolls that will last a very long time.

Now you can preserve your original Jalie pattern (or any pattern for that matter) and have an easy to work with duplicate. Be sure to transfer any markings, size and other information to the traced pattern.

STORE - Your Jalie Patterns

Jalie patterns come in a sealed cello bag that is easily damaged once you have opened it up.

As a solution, I have procured zip closure bags that are ultra clear, to store your original Jalie pattern and keep it pristine. From now on, any Jalie pattern you purchase from Distinctive Sewing Supplies will come with this ultra clear bag. You may purchase additional bags for your previously purchased Jalie patterns.

These bags are also perfect for storing your traced off Jalie pattern pieces It will help you keep them nicely folded and in one location so you are less likely to misplace a piece. You can file them next to your original Jalie pattern in your magazine file.

Be sure to label the contents with the Jalie pattern number, size, and any other information you want to retain.