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Off to a Good Start - Knits on a Serger

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My preference is to use my serger for sewing knit fabrics. The four-thread, two needle overlock gives a secure, stretchy seam that is nicely finished.

Getting a seam started is often the biggest challenge. This is due to the fact that the presser foot tends to push the top layer while the feed dogs are pulling the bottom layer. The result can be a bunched up edge or uneven ends.

To prevent this from happening, I carefully line up the fabric edges and then wrap them in a scrap of water soluble stabilizer. (I save my water soluble stabilizer scraps in a plastic bag.) The stabilizer helps feed the fabric layers evenly. The result is a beautiful seam.

Carefully tear away the excess stabilizer, without pulling the stitches. Don't worry about any stabilizer caught in the stitches as this will disappear on the first washing of your garment.