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Marking Notches on Knit Fabric

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More and more I am enjoying sewing with knits using Jalie patterns. The patterns often have 1/4" seam allowances which are more accurate and appropriate for working with knits. But with such a small seam allowance marking notches can be a challenge.

If I am working on a fine knit, sometimes a very tiny slit is OK. But I am more likely to use a wash away pencil mark. If the knit is loose, a snip can cause a run or quickly disappear and pencil marks don't show up. Marking with a basted thread works, however, I try to avoid hand stitching whenever possible.

I was considering the prospect of just placing some straight pins at the notches, realizing they would likely fall out or worse stab me at some point. Then the light bulb came on. Safety pins! They will stay in place and I won't be jabbed. And I can use them to align the pattern pieces where they need to match.

Since I don't sew with pins, I only pin where there are match points and the safety pins do the job beautifully. I hope you find this tip useful when sewing with knits.