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BASIC CONCEPT #3 - Stretch Bengaline is Your Friend

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Modern Stretch Bengaline is a blend of rayon, nylon and spandex with an interesting weave. The weft is stretchy thinner threads and the warp is somewhat thicker and stable. The result is a very stretchy woven fabric, up to 40%, but on the lengthwise grain (parallel to the selvedge). There is no stretch on the crossgrain. Therefore most people prefer to use the crossgrain as the straight of grain so that the stretch goes around the body.

Stretch Bengaline is often used in ready-to-wear for pull-on pants because it has great stretch and recovery, reducing bulk for a more streamlined look. And it is a little dressier than denim or cargo twill. Waiter uniforms often use Stretch Bengaline in black for a dressed-up look that is comfortable, easy care with fewer wrinkles.

The Eleonore pull-on pant from Jalie is perfect for Stretch Bengaline. However, you may have to adjust your sizing due to the amount of stretch in this fabric. The Eleonore calls for a stretch woven of 10% while the Stretch Bengaline is up to 40%.

Be sure to pre-wash your fabric according to the instructions. Hang to dry and press on synthetic setting if needed. After construction gentle wash either by hand or machine and hanging to dry should prolong the life of your garment. Stretch Bengaline is available in Black, Wine, Charcoal, Light Khaki, Dark Khaki and Navy.

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