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Sewing on Buttons - Tip #1

When sewing on buttons, I usually use regular all-purpose poly thread, doubled and knotted. I find that conditioning the thread with Thread Heaven or bees wax, and running the thread through my thumb and forefinger several times helps reduce tangling. I cut enough thread to sew on one button at a time as that also [...]

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Moto Me and Urban Threads

Dana Marie Designs has just issued a new jacket pattern called Moto Me and I loved it immediately. It is inspired by the motorcycle jacket and presents lots of opportunity for creativity.This jungle camo print in bull denim is perfect to create an edgy look. The Baroque Punk embroidery from Urban Threads takes it to the [...]

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Jacket Express - Large Print How To

I love the Jacket Express in the Echino London Print. This print is large with a large repeat and calls for special treatment to ensure a professional looking garment.Extra fabric is needed for matching. The rule of thumb is one extra repeat for every yard or metre of fabric required. It is a little more [...]

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Jacket Express #218 - First Project

I recently received this animal print stretch denim and thought it would be perfect for the Jacket Express. Animal prints never seem to go out of style and this stretch denim was an ideal fabric for a jean style jacket. After completing the garment, I decided that snaps rather than buttons would be the perfect [...]

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Jacket Express #218 from Islander Sewing Systems

Jacket Express #218 is the newest sewing pattern from Islander Sewing Systems. This "jean jacket inspired" garment is designed to look smart on a variety of figure types. The instructions include techniques from the ready-to-wear industry adapted for the individual seamstress and production methods that speed up the entire process.The upshot is that you are not [...]

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